Our bank is built around you.

At PrimeSouth Bank, you're more than an account number. We take the time to get to know your name, your preferences, and your needs. Take a look at some of our clients' stories below — and reach out to tell us yours.

Rita's Story

When someone like Rita wants to open a restaurant, we don't wait around to close a deal.


Rita Petrawala knows what she wants, when she wanted to open a restaurant, PrimeSouth Bank was ready to help. Within five minutes of meeting her, we realized that Rita was a born businesswoman of boundless energy. Rita moves quickly and needed a bank that could keep up — PrimeSouth Bank was happy to oblige.

Richard's Story

Richard Lee wanted to offer his customers more options. We get that. It’s always worked for us.


When Richard and his wife Denise asked for our help in financing a new, bigger location for Lee Hardware & Building Supply, we felt good about it. After all, we share their philosophy of making things easier for customers. Branch President Bruce Tison not only trusted their business sense, he trusted their integrity. At PrimeSouth, the Lees are not just numbers on a spreadsheet — they’re neighbors. When the Lees asked for a loan, we didn’t need to ask anybody in an out-of-state corporate office to approve it. This is the way we’ve been working with our customers since 1891.

Barbara's Story

When Barbara needed a bank, she didn’t have to look farther than booth 5.


That’s where our branch president, Danny Maddox, could often be found, dining at Barbara Zachry’s restaurant on Jekyll Island. Back in 2010, Barbara had decided it was time to open a new place in Brunswick. She figured, why not give the business to one of her best customers? Danny concurred. He swiftly arranged the loan that made Zachry’s Restaurant possible. (Barbara has always provided him with prompt service, and he was happy to return the favor.) Danny’s a regular at the new place, which is around the corner from our location in Brunswick. We invite you to drop by the branch and see if we can’t help you with your banking. We’ve got some great suggestions, including where to find some really good seafood.

Addie and Craig's Story

Addie and Craig had heard good things about us. But they’re attorneys. They needed proof.


Addie Gibson and her husband Craig Head know what they want from a bank. And Addie is the type to actually write it all out on a list. We know this because she brought us a list of services she expected from her bank. We liked Addie right away, because we are list people, too. We went over her hand-written checklist item by item, assuring her that yes, we can put a little check mark next to “online and mobile banking” and let’s go ahead and put a check mark next to every other item on the list because we offer them all. That was the proof Addie was looking for. So it was a short meeting. Addie and Craig have been doing their personal banking with us ever since. We invite you to drop by any of our locations — with or without a list — and discover that we’ve got what you want, too.