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Fraud Alert & Presidents Day Closure

Fraudsters are reaching out to customers impersonating PrimeSouth Bank. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud is to never give out your personal information to anyone if you are unsure. If we contact you, we'll always use your name or account number - we wouldn't ask for your account information, Social Security number, debit card PIN or password. If you mistakenly give out your personal information, please notify the bank immediately so that we can do our best to help keep you and your money safe. Click here to contact us.

Additional tips:

  • Sign up for Balance Alerts. This will tell you if there’s a significant change in your account balance.
    • Sign into Online Banking, select Customer Service, then Alerts to schedule to fit your needs.


  • Do NOT send payments via Cash App, Google Pay, Venmo, and Zelle® to people you do not know. These services are for you to pay friends and family only.
    • What is Zelle®? Click here to learn more.


  • Verify any requests for money via social media (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, etc.) Pick up the phone and call the person requesting the money or asking you to click on a link. Use a number that you are certain belongs to that person. If you cannot verify the sender information, delete or ignore the request.


  • If you are approached via email or social media with a way to make money electronically, beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.


  • While it is always a safe practice to question any emails with incorrect grammar, spelling, or capitalization, please note that fraudsters are more savvy at this time. We encourage everyone to take extra time to verify an email's legitimacy via proper channels.






PrimeSouth Bank will be closed Monday, February 20th in honor of Presidents Day.

ATMs, Online Banking & Mobile Banking are always conveniently available. Please Note: Electronic deposits will be processed the next business day.



Make a positive impact on the communities we serve through offering creative solutions.


To be a dynamic organization passionately committed to making tomorrow better than today for our employees, customers, and communities we serve.

Core Values:

  • SERVICE — We honor and give back to our communities and believe it is important for us to be philanthropic, giving of our time, resources and expertise where it is most needed.
  • FLEXIBILITY — We offer dynamic financial products to meet our customers' unique needs.
  • RESPONSIVENESS — We are committed to a timely personal response to our customers.
  • COMMITMENT — Our employees, our customers and our communities are our priority.
  • COMPASSION — We are always there to help our customers and colleagues as they face the inevitable challenges in their lives.