Fraud Alert

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PrimeSouth Bank wants to ensure your protection from fraud and scams! Please see our tips below for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, please familiarize yourself with current scams that financial institutions are monitoring.


Remember, you are in control:

  • Delete unknown texts that urge you to take action.
  • Delete emails that contain unusual syntax or misspelled words.
  • Delete social media messages that contain links enticing you to click/open.
  • Sign up for alerts within Online Banking and activate card controls within your mobile app.


Refrain from sending payments via Cash App, Google Pay, Venmo, and Zelle to people you do not know. These services are for you to pay friends and family only.



  • Fraudsters claiming to be a long-distance family member or friend in need of money immediately. Always pick up the phone and call him or her to verify.
  • Fraudsters claiming to be a member of a government agency or police/sheriff department. Never hesitate to ask for valid forms of identification.
  • Using similar email addresses or logos from reputable companies (Example: Amazon, Ticketmaster, StubHub, etc.). A safe practice is only communicate through the company app.
  • Fraudsters calling to claim that your PrimeSouth Bank account is compromised. Two Tips: 1 – If you are not certain you are talking to a PrimeSouth Bank employee, hang up and dial your branch number listed on our website. 2 - Remember, we will never ask for your account information, Social Security number, debit card PIN, security code or password. If we contact you, we will always use your name or account information.


If you ever suspect fraud on your account, please contact us right away. Never hesitate to visit your local banker to learn more or get help with setting up these features listed above!


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Core Values:

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